The Results team is composed of experienced business leaders that have the skills to improve the way you do business. We are ready to make things work, so let's get started.


Andrea Kenna

Practice Director, Calgary

"I find motivation and energy from working with clients to identify and remove roadblocks to exceptional business performance."

Barb Reppert

Business Execution Specialist

"Passionate about creating clarity and driving a culture that unlocks the potential of the people and therefore the organization"

Blaine Mytruk

Business Execution Specialist

"I like helping people and companies transform and succeed"

Brad Gaulin

Business Execution Specialist

"We are passionate about making a big difference and helping drive great results for our clients"

Christy Benoit

Business Execution Specialist

"It’s a joy to work with business leaders who share the belief that if better is possible, good isn’t good enough."

Dave Kastelic

Business Execution Specialist

"I have an entrepreneurial passion for helping clients to execute their business to achieve greater success."

Jeff Tetz

Practice Director, Edmonton / Partner

"I’m passionate about people accomplishing their goals"

Jeffrey White

Business Execution Specialist

"Away from safe harbour is where adventure begins. I am energized by unlocking team potential and overcoming barriers to greatness."

John Leduc

Chief Transformation Officer / Partner

"Transforming an organization from good to great is energizing, exciting, and exceedingly satisfying."

Katherine Turner

Relationship Manager

"I strive to make a difference for clients and colleagues with every interaction"

Scott Aberg

Business Execution Specialist / Partner

"Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan."

Sean Fitzgerald

Business Execution Specialist / Partner

"It gives me a real sense of satisfaction when I can work with people to help them achieve their goals."

Tatiana Kuznetsova

Sales & Marketing Coordinator

"I find inspiration in being part of the process that helps leaders achieve their goals."

Tim O’Connor

CEO / Partner

"We do the best work I can imagine - helping our clients unlock the potential of their businesses"

Trina Kroetsch

Relationship Manager

"We do all of this with a shared purpose of making a difference for our customers."