Getting Your Business to Run Without You


Business owners in Canada are challenged to maintain a strategic focus. Too often they are getting pulled into day-to-day urgencies and aren’t working on creating a legacy that has a strong foundation, a valuable path forward for them, and a sustainable and appealing vision for their people. Operationally, they have yet to build a business that runs on autopilot.

In this 90-minute interactive workshop, we will discuss how leaders have developed their firms to run without them, and in so doing increased business value and the opportunities for the next generation of leaders to surface.

Specifically, we will consider:

  • The role execution plays in driving higher levels of performance
  • A proven Execution Framework that business leaders can use to increase company health and systematize operational decision making and behaviors
  • Ways to raise levels of engagement and accountability
  • Rather than focussing on specific functions within an organization, a leader’s role is to establish and operationalize key elements of the overall business execution ecosystem, and use that to mobilize employees and resources in pursuit of a desired future. This spans many elements of the company including vision, goals, culture, strategy, brand, operations, and talent management.

This presentation will link best-practices in the areas of culture, strategy, talent and leadership with real examples of how western Canadian firms are putting these practices to work.

Learning Objectives:

By the time they leave, participants will be able to:

  1. Recognize the importance of disciplined execution for organizational success
  2. Describe how sustained performance is less about sweeping, far reaching decisions, but rather the accumulation of hundreds of decisions, actions, and behaviours taken by employees over time.
  3. Apply a 4-part Execution Framework in assisting the health of their organization


Wednesday, May 30, 2018
7:30 – 8:00 am Breakfast and Registration
8:00 – 9:30 am Workshop


Terminal City Club
837 W Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC  V6C 1B6

Co Hosts:

First West Capital specializes in innovative junior capital solutions for mid-market businesses across all industries in Canada. We’re a small, dynamic group of financial professionals who understand entrepreneurs – because we’re entrepreneurs too. We empower our clients by eliminating financial hurdles, providing flexibility and creating strong partnerships. We’re passionate about helping businesses grow, acquire or transition.

TRG advisors are specialists in group benefits. We design, implement and communicate sustainable employee benefits strategies that align with your organization’s values and goals, and positively impact your people and their families. TRG is proud to be an independent, advisor-owned company where each advisor shares a passion for working in an industry where we can make a positive impact on people’s lives. We use this passion, along with over 350 years of combined industry experience, to help organizations like yours develop detailed, actionable plans that meet their particular values, vision and goals. TRG is the proud to have been chosen as the Consumer Choice Award winner in the category of Top Service Provider, Group Benefits Advisor for 2017

Results is a business consulting firm that offers a unique focus on helping companies ensure great execution. We act as an extension of your team – like the pit crew to your race car – to make sure you are well supported at all stages of progress to achieve winning results. We keep up with the latest best practices and bring that to your team to help fuel your success. Then we help you apply these practices the right way at the right time, getting you to the finish line ahead of your competition.


This seminar is intended for ambitious, open-minded business leaders, owners, CEOs and senior management – of firms with 15 to 300 employees.

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