Navigating the Change Valley

21/06/2018 Add Comment

Many say that the only constant in today is change, and that the pace of change we are experiencing now is unprecedented in human history. Technology, communications, globalization and a connected world of over 7.5 billion people are just some of the reasons driving the pace of change.? And to be successful in our communities ...

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You Must Inspire to Drive Execution

23/07/2013 Add Comment

I’ve had the good fortune to hang out with some very passionate and driven marketing folk lately, learning about how they tap into emotional archetypes to drive action. I find this topic fascinating. Any business leader knows that getting people to change the way they do things is one of the hardest things a leader ...

A Culture of Accountability

16/07/2013 Add Comment

“Who in your life can you really count on?”  This question was posed to me recently by my friend and author David Irvine.  David has written a number of books on culture, leadership and accountability, including “Accountability: Getting a Grip on Results” that he co-authored with Sean Murphy and Bruce Klatt. As I pondered his ...

Progress versus Happiness

16/07/2013 Add Comment

Oilweek, January 2012 Progress versus Happiness Scott Morris, RESULTS.com Traditional management suggests that in order to create a productive workplace, we need to have happy, satisfied employees.  In my 30 year career I have participated in, and helped facilitate the creation and deployment of, a number of “Employee Satisfaction Surveys”.  From these surveys employers build ...

Removing the Bottleneck

16/07/2013 Add Comment

In our work with business owners and leadership teams, we often see firms that ‘get stuck’ at a certain size and can’t seem to break through.  We refer to the threshold they hit as the ceiling of complexity and it limits a firm’s ability to grow past a certain size. To illustrate how complexity can ...

Becoming Referable

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Any business leader will tell you that referrals and word-of-mouth introductions are the most effective sources of new customers for any company in a business-to-business environment.  A recent review of our client base showed that well over 50% of our current clientele originated from a referral, and in some cases we could trace numerous new ...

Why You Should Pick a Fight

16/07/2013 Add Comment

If you were like me growing up, you may have found yourself in the school principal’s office from time to time due to some misbehavior or offence. For me, I recall one particular occasion when I was on the losing end of a playground brawl with one of the larger boys in my school. Of ...

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