Navigating the Change Valley

21/06/2018 Add Comment

Many say that the only constant in today is change, and that the pace of change we are experiencing now is unprecedented in human history. Technology, communications, globalization and a connected world of over 7.5 billion people are just some of the reasons driving the pace of change.? And to be successful in our communities ...

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5 Takeaways from BEx 2018

08/03/2018 Add Comment

1. Reverse Mentoring: “When he was CEO of General Electric, Jack Welch was voted the best CEO by his peers. But he knew nothing about the Internet. So every week he had some 20 year olds come in and mentor him on the web and its applications. It’s called reverse mentoring. Normally we think it’s ...

Writing and today’s workplace

31/01/2018 Add Comment

Writing has always been an activity with little margin for error.  In ancient Egypt, authors had to very carefully plan their writing, word by word, lest they make an error that required a complete restart with countless hours of rework. Similarly, in the Middle Ages scribes recorded history or wrote letters for their patrons.  The ...

Strength in the Middle

24/10/2017 Add Comment

I was first introduced to the “strength in the middle” concept by my friend Tim Gray.  In his book “Boys to Men” Tim describes how human virtues often lay somewhere in between two weaknesses. For example, we might say someone has the strength of being decisive or prudent.  This strength lies between two extremes; being ...

Learning How to Fight

07/03/2018 Add Comment

In our school years, the kids who were members of the debate club were often looked at as the geeks and nerds. But could it be that they were developing a critical life skill that the rest of us missed out on? In a recent New York Times article, “Kids, would you please start fighting”, ...

Why Every Organization Must Pay Attention to Disruptive Innovation

15/11/2017 Add Comment

By Jim Harris A staggering 93% of car accidents are due to driver error. So think about the 40,000 lives that will be saved in North America every year in 2025 when all new cars are autonomous vehicles – self driving cars.   Think of the 4.4 million people who won’t be injured in North ...

Thriving During Disruption

24/10/2017 Add Comment

On September 20, 2017 Results Canada sponsored a very special executive forum, attended by over 60 business owners and CEOs from Calgary’s business community, highlighting how to successfully adapt to unwanted change. Todd Hirsch, Chief Economist of ATB Financial, used examples on adapting to change from his most recent book “Spiders in Space: Successfully Adapting ...

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