Execution Before Innovation

30/01/2019 Add Comment

Here at Results we meet many ambitious, open minded leaders who run good companies, but feel that there is a lot of untapped potential.  And, more often than not, they realize that potential has less to do with strategy and more to do with execution.  Helping organizations become disciplined in execution is why we exist.  ...

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Scaling Your Team with 3rd Party Relationships

28/05/2018 Add Comment

Most businesses will at some point engage with third party vendors that work as extensions to their team. However, you can quickly run into problems with these vendors when they start making promises that can’t be kept, and deadlines are being missed. Depending on the scope of the work it could have a major impact ...

Strategic Partnerships

05/04/2018 Add Comment

How do you determine the best approach to realize your growth, without taking on significant debt – Acquisition? Organic growth? Strategic partnerships? One of the biggest challenges companies face is finding the appropriate avenue to fuel their growth. We sat down with Sean Fitzgerald, Business Execution Specialist at Results, to find out how Strategic Partnerships ...

5 Takeaways from BEx 2018

08/03/2018 Add Comment

1. Reverse Mentoring: “When he was CEO of General Electric, Jack Welch was voted the best CEO by his peers. But he knew nothing about the Internet. So every week he had some 20 year olds come in and mentor him on the web and its applications. It’s called reverse mentoring. Normally we think it’s ...

To Be Successful Don’t Focus on the Goal

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Article by Tim O’Connor CEO, Results Canada As the old saying goes, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. It reflects the fact that many people set goals that they never achieve. We have the best of intentions, but somehow these intentions don’t translate to execution and outcomes. Setting a Goal is Only ...

Recapping BEx 2018 – a Roaring Success

08/03/2018 Add Comment

Kananaskis, ALBERTA: On February 25th – 27th, The Business Execution Summit 2018 (BEx 2018) brought together 250 business owners, leaders, and senior executives to share and learn best-practices in the area of business execution at the newly renovated Delta Kananaskis Resort. Attendees were inspired to expand their minds, build relationships, and grow their businesses. EXPAND ...

Learning How to Fight

07/03/2018 Add Comment

In our school years, the kids who were members of the debate club were often looked at as the geeks and nerds. But could it be that they were developing a critical life skill that the rest of us missed out on? In a recent New York Times article, “Kids, would you please start fighting”, ...

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