Driving business progress

Races are won one lap at a time. Results Canada helps companies every step of the way, to power toward the winner’s podium.

Our team does this through a unique brand of business consulting focused on disciplined execution – often the missing link to transforming ‘good’ companies to ‘great.’

Results Canada services include a blend of training, coaching, resources, facilitation, team-building and more. All delivered by a diverse, senior team offering a range of skills and knowledge, representing the latest in best practices and thought leadership for business.

Five pillar framework

Our work drives progress in five pillar areas:

1. Vision and culture

Creating a shared vision and culture is essential to provide the right environment and framework for disciplined business execution. Both elements reflect the personality of the company and ultimately permeate all relationships both internally and externally. Identifying the right core values and purpose, and taking the steps to live those every day is critical. Results Canada helps companies deliver on these requirements to power their way to success.

2. Strategy

Great strategy is based on keeping things simple. Companies need to know where they are going. But what many overlook are the immediate steps right in front of them that are required to get there. Results Canada helps bring this focus not only on the “where” but also on the “how,” identifying the step-by-step priorities and related actions needed to move from one stage to the next.

3. Talent

Companies are about people. Arguably nothing is more important than hiring the right people, keeping them inspired and engaged, and managing talent for success both short-term and long-term. Results Canada helps companies get this right while fostering continual improvement by identifying ways to further leverage people’s strengths.

4. Process

Predictable results are achieved through a combination of discipline and repeatable process. While uncertainty is a given, in most businesses and markets, great businesses manage uncertainty and reduce their risk by executing with excellence.

5. Leadership

This is the foundation that the four other pillars are built upon. But leaving leadership to simply “happen” on its own rarely works. The best leadership is open, honest, forward-looking and pro-active. It engages and inspires, presents and delivers the right vision, and drives the company where it needs to go.

What is your vision of success? We would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your company and tell you more about how we can help you get there. Contact us anytime.


Working with Results Canada

Results Canada works with your company as an extension of your team – the pit crew to your race car, helping you at every stage on the journey to success. How this looks is something we discuss with each client to identify the best fit based on where you are today, and where you want to take your firm in the future.

Typically, we host quarterly sessions designed to advance progress in each of the five pillar areas. This results in a small set of priorities and targets that provide a focussed road map for the next 90 days.

We support our clients on a weekly basis between the quarterly sessions, to help guide the execution of priorities, hold leaders accountable and provide leading education in all areas of business performance.  The result is consistent, reliable support to help you ensure disciplined execution of each stage of business progress.